(Bushcraft Competency Certificate) is a fully accredited three day basic bushcraft competency course.

Steadily becoming the most sought after certification for those wishing to deliver bushcraft to clients and students in outdoor centres and schools, but also a good starting point for any wishing to develop or consolidate their wilderness skills.
This Basic Bushcraft Survival Skills course includes coaching in all the practical skills required for confidence in the wilderness and includes thorough coverage of the new units of the IOL syllabus.

£320 or £280 for IOL/PPG members.  Working places/discounts occasionally available at our discretion

March  2nd to 4th and 13th to 15th
April  6th to 8th and 17th to 19th.
May  15th to 17th
June  1st to 3rd and 12th to 14th
July 27th to 29th
other dates will be added later this year.

Assessments are here again 26th of September 2018.

See IOL website for other dates throughout the UK (link below)

B.C.C. Course Contents
Existing experience and a desire to deliver bushcraft to others are not prerequisites for attending the course, but it is the focus of the course.  This is not a taster but a real learning experience.  Be prepared to work.  
The courses are three days in duration with 24 hours of tutor contact time at a ration of no greater than 1:4 with regular 1:1 coaching.
Training covers understanding of and competency in the following IOL Accredited units, see website for details:

1: Edged tools: Law; knife and saw types and uses; safety
2: Fire: tinder and ignition sources; fire types and maintenance/ management; fuel; safety
3: Bowdrill: timber combinations and components; tinder bundle; coaching
4: Safe Water: sources and indicators; filtration and purification methods including improvisation
5: Shelter: need for; siting; construction
6: Tree Identification: 10+basics; bushcraft uses including food source
7: Natural Navigation: sun/shadow; other
8: Cordage: identify fibre source; process to two ply cord plait and adding material.
9: Log Book. Guidance in achieving the required hours for BCC.

Course essentials
The course will take place in a wilderness setting though it is less than two miles to a Spar shop for forgotten provisions.  You will be approximately half a mile from your car.  Pick-up from Monmouth or Ross-on–Wye can be provided.
Accommodation.  Please bring tent, tarp, camp bed, hammock, or any preferred sleeping/camping materials, or sleep in your own bush shelter made on the first day.  At least bring sleeping bag, mat and some kind of groundsheet.
Clothing.  You will need warm and waterproof clothing and sturdy footwear, but be aware that expensive clothing may be damaged by fire or other activities, and of course it is not a fashion parade.
Hygiene.  There is nothing other than carried in tap water (plenty to spare) and little more than a hole in the ground for your daily ablutions (hand wash and a bowl of water is as elaborate as it gets) so please be prepared for wilderness living. We can make more familiar facilities available to you but they are some distance away.
Catering.  Part catered is available on request.  Hot drinks and biscuits are always in plenty and use encouraged.  You will need to supply your own food and a packed lunch on the first day so that we can work through.

The course syllabus has taken some time to develop and agree between very respected IOL contributors, and respected industry names, the likes of Dave Watson of woodlandsurvivalcrafts; John Ryder of woodcraftschool; and Jason Ingamels of woodlandways. With input from others like, Johnny Crocket and lesser folk like myself.
Progression to assessment is not obligatory or necessary, and many attendees have no desire to progress to assessment, but the course is designed to be ideal preparation for assessment for the IOL (Institute for Outdoor Learning) Bushcraft Competency Certificate.
Details will be supplied on request or via the IOL website 

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